Recycling Mobius

We're looking at the whole lifecycle of items to reduce our waste - beyond recycling.

Snowcat in a snowstorm

Recycling Engine and Hydraulic Oils

In our maintenance shop, we take extra care to make sure the fuels we use are used to their full potential. Used engine oils and hydraulic fluids are recycled in a specialized furnace that can use these liquids to create a heat source once their traditional use is exhausted.

Recycling these used oils helps lower our electrical heating consumption, extend the lifetime of the oils we use, and improve our environmental impact. This is a great example of how small changes in our actions can create positive ripple effects throughout our operations.

Lone Peak in the summer

Mountain Cleanup Days

Everyone has dropped something from a chairlift at some point. Whether it's a granola bar wrapper, glove, or your entire ski, it can be hard to find it buried in the snow. That's why the Big Sky Resort employees dedicate a day in the spring to picking up all the things that have been dropped from lifts throughout the season, as well as runs and glades.

Once everything is collected it is properly sorted and disposed of. This prevents litter and contamination of our environment, protects wildlife, and keeps our slopes healthy year-round.

Other Initiatives

  • The new Vista Hall has a number of waste-reduction initiatives, including composting, reusable dishware, and conscious sorting. 
  • Montana does not have glass recycling facilities, so Big Sky Resort does its best to source items in other types of containers, such as plastic or aluminum.
  • The Resort dropped straw usage by 97% in winter 18-19 season, and will continue to reduce straw usage in future seasons.
  • All restaurants and bars that are managed by Big Sky Resort recycle aluminum and cardboard products.
  • Big Sky Resort Human Resources offers a drop-off for gently worn jackets and other warm-weather gear that is then available for international staff members.
  • Big Sky Resort has partnered with Clean the World to recycle hotel amenities.
  • Bulk, refillable guest amenities will replace individual guest amenities in Huntley remodel.
  • Multiple departments have gone paper-free, including Human Resources and Ski Patrol.
  • Steel and aluminum are recycled at the mountain operations shop.
  • The number of recycling bins has doubled in The Exchange building.
  • The Resort recycles fluorescent bulbs, batteries, cardboard, fry grease, metal, and appliances.
  • There is no Styrofoam use at the Resort.
  • Big Sky has contracted recycling pick-up in all administration areas for office and consumer waste including aluminum, paper, cardboard and toner cartridges.
  • Big Sky resort recycles old batteries from all departments including hotel TV remote control batteries and Ski Patrol transceiver batteries.