Fondue Stube

Located within Chet's Bar and Grill, Swiss "Fondue" is a delicious way to huddle with friends around a pot of molten cheese, dipping in crusty bread and our other carefully selected ingredients for your dining pleasure. Not to be confused with fondue bourguignonne (in hot oil) or chinoise (broth) traditional Swiss "Fondue" is melted cheese with bread dipped in it.

We thank you for taking this opportunity to gather around a pot of bubbling cheese to have a great time!

Tradition says that if a man loses his bread in the pot, he buys drinks all around; and if a woman does, she must kiss her neighbors.

Fondue is available by reservation only. Reservation times are 6:00pm first seating, and 8:00pm second seating.

At A Glance

50 Big Sky Resort Rd. (Huntley Lodge)


(406) 995-5733

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