Winter Child Care
Learn more about the Lone Peak Playhouse, offering winter child care services

Winter Child Care

Learn more about the Lone Peak Playhouse, offering winter child care services
Two young girls in ski gear playing in the snow
  • Hours
    8:30 AM-4:30 PM
  • Availability
    Mountain Village Snowcrest Building 406.993.2220
  • Availability
    Madison Base 406.993.6060

Winter Childcare

The Lone Peak Playhouse offers childcare daily for children 6 months to 8 years and is available for morning, afternoon, or full-day reservations. We are a center that operates in conjunction with Big Sky Resort and the Mountain Sports School. The Lone Peak Playhouse has two convenient locations in the Snowcrest Building at Mountain Village and in the Madison Base. Relax and enjoy the area while your child plays with other children in our safe and fun environment.

Our playhouse is a comfortable indoor play space designed to keep little hands and minds busy for hours. Children can fill their days with social interaction, imagination and dramatic play, art projects, puzzles, games, outdoor playtime, and more. Our center is also equipped with a kitchen and eating area, as well as nap rooms to accommodate infant and toddler resting needs. For an enhanced experience, children 2 years & up may add a Mountain Sports lesson to their day.

Our Philosophy

Lone Peak Playhouse believes that children deserve a vacation too. Our Playhouse offers a caring, safe, and fun environment where children can play, rest, and enjoy their day. Our different-themed play areas will keep them busy for hours and also spark their imagination and creativity. Lone Peak Playhouse follows appropriate practices and uses positive guidance and positive reinforcement to encourage and foster personal development. Our days include teacher-directed play, free play, outdoor time (weather permitting), art projects, organized games, storytime, and rest or quiet time.

Pricing & Reservations

Please contact the Lone Peak Playhouse for rates.

Reservations are required prior to arrival. Please call 406.993.2220 for Mountain Village or 406.993.6060 for Madison Base, or email to reserve your spot. Payment for childcare is due in full at the time of reservation. Day-of reservations may be subject to an additional fee.

Childcare with Mountain Sports School Programming

The Lone Peak Playhouse and Big Sky Resort’s Mountain Sports School coordinate to offer a seamless experience for daycare and mountain sports lessons. Please inquire about the different options available.

What to Bring

Each child will be given a small cubby for his/her belongings to be used for the day. All children should bring an extra change of clothes, a warm jacket, snow pants, boots, a warm hat, and waterproof gloves or mittens. Children wearing diapers should bring at least four disposable diapers per full day. The playhouse will supply wipes, but please bring any diaper creams or pastes needed. Infants, toddlers, and napping children are encouraged to bring a comfort item. Please remember to label all items (including diapers, shoes, and boots) prior to arrival. The Lone Peak Playhouse is not responsible for lost, broken, misplaced, or stolen items. 


Infants and toddlers (6 – 23 months) must bring all necessary labeled bottles, pre-measured formula, baby food, and meals with feeding instructions. For children 2 years and up, the playhouse will provide and serve two snacks and a nutritious lunch. Snack and lunchtimes will be staggered to reduce diner density at meal tables. Children are also encouraged to bring alternative snacks/meals, especially for those with allergies and dietary restrictions. Please do not bring peanut products, tree nuts, almond milk, or coconut products. Also, please refrain from providing unnecessary candy or treats. Children only attending afternoon daycare will arrive after our lunch session and will need to eat lunch before arriving at the playhouse. 

Policies & Dismissal from Daycare

The Lone Peak Playhouse always follows appropriate early childhood development practices and policies. We focus on positive guidance techniques to encourage individual growth and group harmony. The Lone Peak Playhouse operates in a group setting with teacher-to-child ratios better than that required by state guidelines. To give a quality level of care to all, please understand that our teachers and staff cannot be occupied excessively by one child. The Lone Peak Playhouse cannot permit children that exhibit unsafe behavior or children in extreme emotional distress. We will make every attempt to create an enjoyable experience for your child, however, The Lone Peak Playhouse reserves the right to dismiss any child from our center if necessary. Parents/Guardians must be available to retrieve their child at all times.