Big Sky Resort promises to operate at least 125 days for the winter 2022-23 season. If the resort were to close due to unforeseen circumstances and operate fewer than those 125 days, a credit based on the number of days lost will be issued to passholders to use toward a 2023-24 season pass. Passholders also have the option to roll over the value of an unused 2022-23 pass as a credit towards a 2023-24 pass for any reason through November 23rd, 2022, at no cost. Worry-Free Winter Assurance is included with all Big Sky Resort season passes.

Worry-Free Winter Assurance FAQs

Pass Assurance

  • The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan is designed to alleviate the uncertainty that our guests may have in committing to next season's pass. The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan is included as part of all Big Sky Resort season passes. We have you covered because we love carving as much as you do! ​

  • The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan at Big Sky Resort has two basic parts: ​​

    First, we are committed to operating for 125 days during the 2022-23 winter season. If for any reason our season is shortened, we will provide a credit towards the purchase of a 23-24 season pass, based on the percent that the season has been shortened. ​​

    Second, if for any reason a passholder needs to defer their pass for the 22-23 season, they have the option to roll over the full value of their pass purchase to the 23-24 season. The pass must be unused and Big Sky Resort must be notified of the passholder's wish to defer their pass by November 23, 2022.

  • This program is included at no additional cost with all Big Sky Resort season passes.

  • No, by purchasing a Big Sky Resort season pass you will be automatically enrolled in the Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan.

  • The resort considers an operating day when guests are offered lift-accessed skiable terrain during scheduled operating hours. ​​

  • Opening: November 24, 2022

    Planned closing: April 23, 2023

  • The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan will provide a credit toward the purchase of any 23-24 season pass at Big Sky Resort.​​ Season Pass purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • If any credit needs to be issued, credits will be calculated by pass type and the number of days impacted below 125 days of operation.

    1-5 Days

    6-10 Days

    11-20 Days

    20+ Days

    Gold, Double Black, Black, Blue, and Green Passes





    Flex 5 + and Flex 3 + Passes





    For instance, if the Resort were to operate 118 days—7 days less than 125—a $95 credit would be issued to Gold, Double Black, Black, Blue and Green passholders, and a $55 credit to Flex + passholders.

    All age groups will receive the same credit per pass type. The value of any credit issued for your 22-23 pass will be applied to the purchase of any 23-24 season pass. ​

  • If any credit needs to be issued as a result of operating fewer than 125 days, calculations and credits will be issued after the resort's planned closing date of April 23, 2023. ​

  • Yes, guests can use their credit towards any 23-24 season pass. Credits will be non-transferable from the original 22-23 pass holder.

  • If your credit amount is worth more than your purchased 23-24 season pass, you will receive a resort gift card with the remaining balance. 

  • In the event that a passholder is restricted from travel due to a local stay-at-home order lasting for at least 30 days, you may be eligible for a pass credit. The resort must be open, and the pass must be unused to receive a credit for the full pass value to be applied for the 23-24 season.

Pass Rollover

  • If for any reason a 22-23 passholder decides to defer their pass for the season, the value of their purchased pass toward any single pass available for the 23-24 winter season. Passholders must notify Big Sky Resort by November 23th, 2022, if they chose to roll over their pass.

  • Fill out this form to request a pass rollover credit from winter 22-23 to 23-24.

  • Passholders who have not used their pass and would like to roll it over to the next season must submit a request before November 23, 2022. Any requests after November 23 will be ineligible for the rollover program. ​

  • To redeem your credit, please see our instructions page. Note that deferral credits expire November 23rd, 2022.

  • All Big Sky Resort 22-23 season pass products purchased are eligible. Promotional products, multi-day tickets, ticket packs, and employee passes are not eligible for this program. 

  • No, Tram Access products are not eligible to roll over with your season pass. All Tram Access products are non-transferable and non-refundable. See our Tram Access FAQ for more information.

  • Yes. Rollover is available to all age categories and pass types including loyalty pricing passes. The passholder will receive a credit for the amount paid for their 22-23 pass. Actual age and/or pass categories for 23-24 passes will apply at the time of the 23-24 pass purchase based on each resort's policies. The pass holder will be responsible for any cost increases if the passholder is no longer eligible for a pass and/or a pass product is no longer offered. 

  • No, deferred pass values are non-transferable and may be used for the original 22-23 passholder only. ​

  • For Gold Passholders to roll over their credit, their Ikon Base Pass must not have been used for the 2022-23 season.​ Please note that the rollover applies to the value of your Big Sky Resort pass. Your Ikon Base Pass add-on will not be rolled over.