Finishing Touches

Building Swift Current 6

Dynamic Load Test

November 2021

Swift Current 6 has passed its dynamic load test and can officially begin loading skiers and snowboarders. The load test ensures that the lift can safely carry riders in different situations. For the test, 108 of the 126 bubble chairs were loaded with 60,000 lbs of water as additional weight. The lift was then able to run the chair's max speed of 6 meters/second both forward and in reverse.

With the load test complete, we're excited to welcome guests to ride the new Swift Current 6 lift on opening day, November 25th.

Swift Current 6 Load Test image

Swift Current 6 Dynamic Load Test Drone footage of Swift Current 6 undergoing its Dynamic Load Test

LED Screen Install

October 2021

The digital LED screen at Swift Current's bottom terminal has been installed. The screen consists of small panels that are stitched together to create a seamless display. As with the screen on Ramcharger 8's lower terminal, the screen will be used to display up-to-date information on weather, snowfall, lift status, other alerts, and promotional content.

Swift Current Digital Screen