Our Methodology

Big Sky Mountain Sports School
Skier with instructor
Mastering Technique

There are essentially two ways riders progress – “New task, old terrain. Old task, new terrain.” By focusing on learning proper technique on terrain that is comfortable, it's easier to apply that knowledge on more challenging slopes. This applies at any level, from beginner to advanced. Progression can happen anywhere on the mountain – not just by leveling up your trail rating.

Girl riding the magic carpet
Terrain Based Learning

For beginners, being comfortable sliding on snow is step one. By using specifically shaped snow features to naturally control your speed and body position, Terrain Based Learning helps set up skiers and riders for success and confidence on the snow.

Kids with ski instructor
Certified Child Instructors

Learning a new skill looks very different for a child than an adult. Our specialized children's ski & snowboard instructors know how to make skiing and riding fun. We focus on technique over leveling up, teaching them skills they'll take with them into a lifetime of winter sports. Kids may take rest, bathroom, and warm-up breaks throughout the day to stay happy and engaged. All children learn at a different pace, and that's okay!